What  meaning The word “mission” :
The Greek word is ἡ ἀποστολή – apostolē, which is derived from two words meaning “send from.” One can also notice the similarity to the word “apostle.” This is because the Apostles were sent out into all the world by our Saviour to preach the Gospel to all creation. Another word used in Greek is ἡ ἱεραποστολή – hierapostolē, which means “a holy mission”, to differentiate it from a secular mission.  The mission of the Church is to execute the command given by Christ: “Go ye ... and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28:19-20).   The word “mission” is also used to describe a group of faithful who gather for prayer, who in certain instances do not have a permanent priest or in some instances do not have a church building. Some missions have a permanent church building but no permanent priest and they are served by a priest periodically. The faithful of such missions usually gather for prayer regularly without a priest and say what are know as “Readers’ Services.” Some missions have both a church building and a permanent priest but are referred to as a mission because of the small number of faithful who attend services there. A mission is usually the beginning stage of a parish. In such instances there is a grey area in what is considered a parish and what is considered a mission.

Welcome to the Orthodox Patristic Church "the Ecclesiastical Orthodox  mission"                          اهلا  بكم  في  كنيسة  الإباء الارثوذكسية: البعثة الكنسية  الارثوذكسية

كنيسة الاباء الارثوذكسية: البعثة الكنسية الارثوذكسية

Additional  to Radio Voice of Antioch, And Word of Truth Journal

We start the Project of St. Nektarios Camping and Conference Center which will be a  big camping and conference center  which  welcomes  the  churches and  organizations which are taking care of  youth, families and social issues.

St. Nektarios Camping and Conference Center will provides  accommodations, Halls, and all  needs  that  help  the  groups to get success in their compings.

Of course  there  is  an  chapel which  provide  the Liturgical  services regulary.

Projekt av St Nektarios Camping och Konferenscenter ska bli  stör ortodoxa camping  som välkomnar kyrkor och organisationer som tar hand om ungdomar, familjer och de sociala frågorna.
St Nektarios Camping- och konferenscenter ska erbjuder boende, hallar, och alla behov som hjälper grupper att få framgång i sina compings.
Självklart finns det en kapell som ger de liturgiska tjänsterna regelbundna.

St. Nektarios Camping and Conference Center provides a accomoditions, Halls, for 75 Persons

We combine beautiful nature with spiritual life

Vi kombinerar vacker natur med andligt

نجمع  بين الطبيعة  الخلابة  و  الحياة  الروحية


ورشة  الشمع

 لقد  عادت  ورشة  الشمع  للعمل,  و  من  يرغب  في شراء  شمع  عسل نقي  يمكنه  زيارة موقع  الورشة (انقر على الصورة)

Candle workshop

The workshop began again to  manufacture Pure honey candles, so who  wish to  buy, can  visit the  workshop website (click on the photo)

Radio Voice of  Antioch
is  Radio directed  to Arabic speakers
the  main aim is  to highlight the mistakes committed against the Church and the Christians of the Orientals
And focus on the patristic  concept  in the Christian life

راديو صوت أنطاكية
هو راديو موجه للمتحدثين باللغة العربية
الهدف الرئيسي هو تسليط الضوء على الأخطاء التي ترتكب ضد الكنيسة والمسيحيين المشرقيين
والتركيز على المفهوم الآبائي في الحياة المسيحية

التقويم الكنسي 2018 بالعربي

القراءات اليومية

Church Calendar 2018 English

لمزيد  من  المعلومات  يرجى  الاتصال  على  وسائل  الاتصال  الموضحة اسفل  الصفحة

 Project of building a set of small churchs/ Chapels
مشروع  بناء مجموعة  من  المصليات/ كنائس  صغيرة

Help our  missionary and  donate/ ساعد  خدمتنا  و  تبرع

The Detainees and Disappeared Persons

المعتقلين و  المغيبين

Χερουβείμ και Σεραφείμ Διεθνές Βυζαντινή Συναυλία/

Cherubim and Seraphim International Byzantine Concert

/الشيروبيم و السيرافيم الكونسيرت البزنطي الدولي

Πηδάλιον/ The Pedalion : The Canon Law

 البيذاليون :  القانون  الكنسي           

A comprehensive encyclopedia about Pedalion

موسوعة شاملة عن البيداليون

Now  you  can  call  us  by  using Skype Call/ الان  يمكنك  الاتصال  بنا  من  خلال  سكايب كول

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